Club Bye Laws 


  1. All members must obtain a current Environmental Agency Licence before fishing .
  2. Statutory close seasons must be observed.  
  3. Catch and size limits must be observed as follows:
  • Sea Trout       -     Size limit from Ribble and tributaries 16  
  • Brown Trout   -     Size limit 12

  • Salmon           -     No more than 2 fish / season may be taken from Club waters

  • Elslack           -     No more than 2 fish / week, to be taken.

  • Wharfe           -     No more than 2 fish / visit, minimum size 12

  • Calder            -     No fish to be kept until further notice.

  • Ribble, Mearbeck Water All game fish and grayling caught on maggot must be returned immediately.

  • Grayling - All fish below 30cm, or above 38cm must be returned alive. No more than 2 per day can be retained,

  • Pike - All pike over 5lb must be returned alive. Only one fish per day can be retained.

  • Eels - No eels may be killed. All must be returned.

  1. Catch returns must be completed and returned to the secretary as required and also daily returns completed where facilities are provided.  

  2. Membership cards must be produced on demand by a bailiff or another Club card holder.
  3. Limit signs, where erected, must be observed.  
  4. Fishing conditions specified for individual waters must be observed.  
  5. A Subscription meeting will be arranged by the Committee.  
  6. Treble hooks on spinners must be barbless and it is recomended that all other hooks are barbless or flattened barb.
  7. No more than one rod may be used for fishing at any one time.  
  8. No live baiting on Club waters.  
  9. No dogs allowed except with the bailiff.
  10. Gaffs are now illegal.
  11. Tailers are now illegal                                           22.04.2010.

  additional information;

Where can we fish on MAC waters when the brown trout season has finished. Last day 30th Sept?



Salmon until  31st October

Grayling and coarse fish until 15th  March  

Swanside Beck

Salmon until 31st October

Ribble Helwith Bridge

Salmon until 31st October  

Ribble Long Preston

Salmon until 31st October

Grayling and coarse fish until 15th March


Grayling until 15th March

Elslack Reservoir

Rainbows all year